It Couldn’t Have Happened To A Nicer Man

We’re suprised that millionaire Lib Dem MP John Hemming has the time to read and correspond with Lib Dem Watch – what with being a Member of Parliament, a councillor and, oh, having 26 extra-marital affairs.

Yes, the “MP in love child shock” is none other than our very own John Hemming. Despite his campaigns always being based on trust and honesty Mr Hemming managed to keep the fact that he fathered a baby with his PA and fellow Lib Dem councillor Emily Cox a secret throughout the General Election campaign.

But it’s OK because he is still sticking with his wife, who told yesterday’s Birmingham Evening Mail that Hemming made it “financially impossible” for her to leave him. Interestingly, Mrs Hemming also said:

The problem is he is a liberal and ancient liberals have a very easy philosophy of life. He never saw anything wrong with it.
Hemming would seem to agree, claiming in an exclusive interview with the Evening Mail that “all men have affairs”. Perhaps we should as this question of Mr Kennedy and all the other male Lib Dem MPs?

The last Lib Dem MP and friend of Lib Dem Watch caught with his trousers down was Paul Marsden. So is Hemming the new Marsden? And does Hemming write love poems of Marsden’s standard?