London Lib Dems need your help!

Tackling the key issues of the day, the Lib Dems in London have emailed members in the capital as they scrape the barrel for campaign ideas. Lib Dem Watch readers may wish to send in their own suggestions: Campaigns – your ideas wanted Over the next few months, Liberal Democrats in the London Assembly will … Read more

“Lib Dems say not to road tolls”

The Liberal Democrats support the spread of congestion charging across the country. The Lib Dem Transport spokesman hailed Ken Livingstone’s congestion charge. ‘The Government must provide leadership so that other local authorities considering introducing a similar system can proceed with the backing of the Government’ (Tom Brake, Press Association, 24 February 2003). ‘Ministers must work … Read more

Lib Dems Would Legalise Booze at 16

Lib Dem Watch readers will know that it is Lib Dem policy to reduce the legal drinking age to just 16. But the other millionaire Lib Dem MP Lynne Featherstone forgot to mention this as she highlighted figures showing an increase in alcohol-related deaths today. Perhaps she could tell us what the effect of allowing … Read more