Burnley Lib Dem breaks ranks over teen drink plans

One Lib Dem candidate has already broken ranks over the party’s plans to lower the legal drinking age to 16. Today’s Lancashire Evening Telegraph reports: THE LIBERAL Democrats’ parliamentary hopeful in Burnley is at odds with his party bosses over teen drinking. Gordon Birtwistle, former mayor and the party’s prospective parliamentary candidate said he would … Read more

John Hemming MP’s Poetry Corner

Readers will remember that just before the terrible events of July 7th millionaire Lib Dem MP John Hemming had promised to write us a poem. After 7/7 he rightly said that it was not the time for humour and that we would have to wait a while for his poem. We have waited and we … Read more

John Hemming MP, The Love Child And The Libel Action?

Millionaire Lib Dem MP and adulterer John Hemming has, surprisingly, not responded to Lib Dem Watch’s latest story featuring him. We usually hear from him when he is featured on this site, so are disappointed on this occasion. He is obviously a busy man at the moment. As well as dealing with fathering a baby … Read more

It Couldn’t Have Happened To A Nicer Man

We’re suprised that millionaire Lib Dem MP John Hemming has the time to read and correspond with Lib Dem Watch – what with being a Member of Parliament, a councillor and, oh, having 26 extra-marital affairs. Yes, the “MP in love child shock” is none other than our very own John Hemming. Despite his campaigns … Read more

Scottish Liberal Democrats – A “joke Political Party”?

Fraser Nelson in The Scotsman dissects the Lib Dems: The ten-point policy card from the Scottish Liberal Democrats yesterday will rank among the most intellectually dishonest documents which a Scots politician has ever had the gall to publish. He goes on: In Cornwall and the north-east of England, Lib Dem candidates promise to stop these … Read more

Greg Stone – Not Elected

Further to our story yesterday we can confirm that the man behind one of our so-called rival sites Labour Watch (or, at the very least, a major contributor to the site) is losing Lib Dem candidate for Newcastle Central Greg Stone. Our source at the Newcastle Central count tells us that Greg thought that he … Read more

More On The Lib Dem Votes For Prisoners Plan

Charles Kennedy has received the backing of at least one person for his policy of giving prisoners including convicted killer Ian Huntley the right to vote. David Seary, a Lib Dem councillor in Stafford, rebukes us for suggesting that the Lib Dem votes for prisoners policy may not be a universally popular or sensible one. … Read more

A Disaster For Dunn

Lib Dem Jody Dunn’s chances of winning Hartlepool at the general election are looking more distant than ever. The Lib Dems couldn’t even make any inroads in last month’s local by-election in Rift House ward caused by newly elected Labour MP Iain Wright’s resignation from the Council. In fact, the Lib Dem share of the … Read more

Mark Alcock’s Bar Chart Heaven

Not one bar chart – not two bar charts – well count them for yourself – bar chart heaven at www.markalcock.libdems.org.uk. They are some of the most extraordinary bar charts we’ve ever seen. Mr Alcock might as well say, this is what the result would be like if all my wildest dreams come true. As … Read more