Scottish Liberal Democrats – A “joke Political Party”?

Fraser Nelson in The Scotsman dissects the Lib Dems:

The ten-point policy card from the Scottish Liberal Democrats yesterday will rank among the most intellectually dishonest documents which a Scots politician has ever had the gall to publish.
He goes on:

In Cornwall and the north-east of England, Lib Dem candidates promise to stop these nasty Scots getting undeserved cash by abolishing the Barnett Formula, which delivers Scotland a fixed slice of government spending.
Yet In Scotland, the Lib Dems pledge to deliver “hundreds of millions” more for the Scottish block grant. Any review will decimate the Scottish block grant: the Barnett system is indefensible and a bloody crunch will soon happen.

The Lib Dems are in favour of the congestion charge (as they are in favour of most taxes) as a national policy, but campaigned against it when it came to the referendum in Edinburgh. Hypocrisy, not honesty, is their calling card.

This is all fine for a joke political party or the enterprising man in the monkey suit who was elected Mayor of Hartlepool. But a party cannot claim to be the “effective opposition” and spew such rubbish.

In the Scottish Lib Dem website, the subheadings are: “What?”, “Who?” and “Why?” The last question has long been the toughest for this party.

Those hoping for an answer yesterday would have been left bitterly disappointed.