Muslim Council of Great Britain condemns Lib Dems

The Muslim Council of Great Britain has condemned Charles Kennedy and the Liberal Democrats for voting against the incitement to religious hatred amendment in the Government’s Serious Organised Crime and Police Bill.

The MCB’s Secretary General Iqbal Sacranie has written to Charles Kennedy, saying:

We are now alarmed that senior members of the Liberal Democrats have been publicly and privately campaigning against the proposed legislation…We hope you will understand that our disillusionment is a result of both the misinformation emanating from your party, and the position your party seems to have decided to take on what we see as a vital piece of equality legislation.
Added to that, the Lib Dems are opposed to Muslim single faith schools and back the French Government’s ban of the hijab in schools (Evan Harris saying, “I think it’s a reasonable thing to do and certainly not something that we in this country are in a position to criticise.”)

Will we see these policies promoted on Focus leaflets in the Muslim communities that the Lib Dems hope will back them at the general election? Somehow we think not. But our usual cash prize is on offer just in case.