Waltham Forest Lib Dems

Lib Dems in Waltham Forest have put out a Focus leaflet criticising the Council for sending out 22,000 letters to residents in thr borough about the single person council tax allowance.


All well and good. Yet the committee that decided to do this is run by, yes you’ve guessed it, the Liberal Democrats. And the Lib Dem Cabinet member responsible for revenue and benefit services Cllr Keith Rayner has defended the letter in the Waltham Forest Guardian.

So either Waltham Forest Lib Dems are shooting themselves in the foot. Or, more likely, they are trying to mislead the electorate.

We wonder whether the next Leytonstone Focus leaflet will feature Cllr Rayner explaining why he does not think it was a “blunder”, “disaster”, “badly written and insulting”.