Profiles of the Remaining 5 Lib Dem Peers

Following on from yesterday’s post we take a look at the remaining Lib Dem Peers announced last week.


Jonny is a former Liberal Democrat councillor and the Deputy Leader for Kingston-upon-Thames. He was notably Ed Davey’s election agent in 1997 where he won the seat of Kingston and Surbiton from the Conservatives.

Over the year Big J has worked in a number of political, communications and public affairs for Westminster Strategy, the Westminster Foundation for Democracy, Bolland & Associates and Bell Pottinger Public Affairs.

He also held he role of Director of Policy and Communications for the Liberal Democrats and in 2009 was the Director of General Election Communications for the 2010 General Election. From 2010 Jonny served as Chief of Staff to Nick Clegg.


Don Foster held the seat for Bath from 1992 until he stood down at the General Election in May this year. He spent many a year as the Liberal Democrat spokesperson for Education, Environment, Work and Pensions, Transport, and Culture, Media and Sport. In 2012 he became a minister for Communities and Local Government. Then in 2013 he was appointed as Government Deputy Chief Whip in the Commons up until the election.


Shas Sheehan (Shazza) was the Liberal Democrat candidate in the parliamentary seat of Wimbledon in 2010 and in the General Election in May this year. During her political career she has served as Assistant Cabinet Member for Climate Change, a member of the Planning Committee, Children’s Services Committee and Health Committee.

Shas also worked as a chemistry teacher, an auxiliary nurse at New Cross Hospital and as a senior planner/buyer in advertising. She took a volunteer role with the Liberal Democrats which then led to a political career.


Andrew Stunell held the seat of Hazel Grove from 1997 until he stood down at the General Election in May 2015. He is best remembered for his role as Liberal Democrat spokesperson for Energy between 1997 and 2005.

Some also will be aware he served as Chief Whip in the Commons between 2001 and 2006 although being somewhat out of his depth. He then served as the party’s local government spokesperson until 2007.

After the 2010 General Election Andrew was a member of the Liberal Democrat team that negotiated the Coalition Agreement. He went onto hold he the role of Department for Communities and Local Government when the Coalition was formed, where he was responsible for a number of trivial tasks. He served in that role until 2012 earning far too much money throughout. Before he got involved in politics, Andrew was an architectural assistant for about 2 weeks. He is most certainly a career politician.


Dorothy Thornhill or Dot to those who know her has served as Mayor of Watford since May 2002. She is the first ever Liberal Democrats’ directly elected mayor, and also the first female directly elected mayor in the UK.

Dot was re-elected as mayor in May 2006, gaining more than 50% of the vote in the first round, and was then re-elected for a third time in May 2010, becoming only the second directly elected mayor in the UK to do so. Dorothy has had a teaching career for over 25 years and was an assistant head teacher in Hertfordshire for several years.