Says millionaire Lib Dem MP Lynne Featherstone: …Drunk and disorderly behaviour amongst under-18’s is still a significant problem. Many of our town centres are becoming no-go zones on Friday and Saturday nights. While the majority of young people behave responsibly the fact that over 31,000 under 18’s were prosecuted for being drunk and disorderly will … Read more

Yet More Defections

On Tuesday Macclesfield Borough Councillor Chris Wellavize announced his decision to quit the Lib Dems and join the Conservatives. His decision is another major blow to the divided Lib Dems and follows Councillor Muriel Clampett’s decision to quit the Lib Dems and sit as an independent back in January.

Defections Update

In Stockwell a former Lib Dem by-election candidate Ros Munday has left the yellow party and rejoined Labour. In Havant Lib Dem Councillor Ron Purkis has joined the ruling Conservative group. Meanwhile in Bexley Lib Dem Councillor and 2005 parliamentary candidate Nick O’Hare has defected to the Conservatives. Interestingly, the local Lib Dems are calling … Read more

Lib Dems Would Legalise Booze at 16

Lib Dem Watch readers will know that it is Lib Dem policy to reduce the legal drinking age to just 16. But the other millionaire Lib Dem MP Lynne Featherstone forgot to mention this as she highlighted figures showing an increase in alcohol-related deaths today. Perhaps she could tell us what the effect of allowing … Read more

John Hemming MP’s Poetry Corner

Readers will remember that just before the terrible events of July 7th millionaire Lib Dem MP John Hemming had promised to write us a poem. After 7/7 he rightly said that it was not the time for humour and that we would have to wait a while for his poem. We have waited and we … Read more

Quick Off The Blocks – Livingston By-Election

The Guardian diary reports: Special congratulations to the Liberal Democrats, finally, who waited several hours after news of Robin Cook’s untimely death before updating their website to remind readers of their prospective parliamentary candidate for his Livingston seat. Charles Dundas lists his interests as “genealogy, local history, debating, cinema, literature, computers”. He is 28.