Cardiff Liberal Democrats

A Lib Dem bar chart can be used to prove anything. Often, it tries to prove the exact opposite of the truth. A good example of this has come our way from the Liberal Democrats in Rhiwbina ward, Cardiff. They have used the number of seats won at last June’s Council elections. Not only is … Read more

Quick Off The Blocks – Livingston By-Election

The Guardian diary reports: Special congratulations to the Liberal Democrats, finally, who waited several hours after news of Robin Cook’s untimely death before updating their website to remind readers of their prospective parliamentary candidate for his Livingston seat. Charles Dundas lists his interests as “genealogy, local history, debating, cinema, literature, computers”. He is 28.

Greg Stone – Not Elected

Further to our story yesterday we can confirm that the man behind one of our so-called rival sites Labour Watch (or, at the very least, a major contributor to the site) is losing Lib Dem candidate for Newcastle Central Greg Stone. Our source at the Newcastle Central count tells us that Greg thought that he … Read more