Greg Stone – Not Elected

Further to our story yesterday we can confirm that the man behind one of our so-called rival sites Labour Watch (or, at the very least, a major contributor to the site) is losing Lib Dem candidate for Newcastle Central Greg Stone.

Our source at the Newcastle Central count tells us that Greg thought that he had won – so much so that he briefed the BBC to that effect. The BBC were very embarrassed at broadcasting misleading information and we understand Greg was well and truly told off by their reporter.

Greg also hadn’t prepared a “losing” speech and just before the formal declaration the Lib Dem Leader of Council was seen with Greg’s speech and a red pen, making some last minute changes.

Greg obviously couldn’t read his writing as he claimed that the result was “the vindication of Lib Dem policies” and that “Labour’s man had been beaten”. Not strictly accurate, as Jim Cousins had a majority of 3982…