London Lib Dems need your help!

Tackling the key issues of the day, the Lib Dems in London have emailed members in the capital as they scrape the barrel for campaign ideas. Lib Dem Watch readers may wish to send in their own suggestions:

Campaigns – your ideas wanted
Over the next few months, Liberal Democrats in the London Assembly will be
running a series of campaigns on economic development and planning issues.
These might include….

Football is the new opera – Tickets for many football matches now cost more
than those for the Opera at Covent Garden, which start at around £25. Are
Londoners in your area being priced out of supporting their local club? Find
out how much tickets cost and start a petition. Conduct a survey of the
views of local people and release to the local media.

Please let Dee Doocey know which campaigns you are running in your local
area and tell her how the Lib Dem GLA members could support your efforts.
Email her: [email protected]